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An award-winning, database-driven website with a single source of truth.




With constantly growing and changing products and services, it’s hard to keep the data organized. For POLYPOINT, ClickRay built a website that automatically populates and updates offers through HubSpot’s CMS and CRM from a third-party platform, Airtable.


POLYPOINT is the leading provider of digital healthcare management systems in Switzerland.


In 2020, the POLYPOINT website won the Runner-up award in HubSpot's CMS + CRM Website Contest. The goal of the contest was to identify exemplary websites built on CMS Hub that demonstrate the advanced functionality and personalized user experiences made possible by our CRM platform. 

Check out our submission here.

ClickRay Polypoint Case Study Technical Integrations

ClickRay and Storylead, an inbound marketing & sales agency, developed an all-encompassing solution for the client to use HubSpot CMS and CRM to their full potential. ClickRay was in charge of building a database-driven website that would present the client’s offerings stored in a third-party platform. The main goal was to allow for the offerings to automatically respond whenever the data was updated in the third-party platform.

In order to best serve their clientele, our client wanted to display the whole customer journey on their website: beginning at the pain points and challenges of their own clients, followed by bringing them to the right products and services.

ClickRay Polypoint Case Study Technical Integrations
  • Maintain the third-party platform (AirTable) as a single source of truth.

  • Develop connections between CRM, CMS, and a third-party platform (AirTable) to enable the client to not only display the information but use the same data in their sales process.

  • Create a dynamic page to showcase all (200+, constantly growing, and changing) products and services on the website.

  • Design a high-functioning search and filtering system on the dynamic page to enable swift navigation for website visitors.
ClickRay Polypoint Case Study Technical Integrations
  • Guided the client’s in-house dev team to create APIs between Airtable and CRM as well as Airtable and CMS (using Zapier).

  • Collected the data points, created the desired data structure in HubDB, and connected it to a dynamic website page so that the offerings would be automatically displayed and updated.

  • Achieved efficiency, effectiveness, and accuracy of information by maintaining Airtable as a single source of truth.

  • Together with Storylead (who worked with the client on the CRM), ClickRay empowered the client’s sales team in their inbound marketing campaigns, allowing them to use the full potential of HubSpot CRM’s custom objects and products functionality in conjunction with HubSpot CMS’s HubDB, which was used to showcase the offers on the website.
ClickRay HubSpot Partner testimonials icon

Once again, many thanks ClickRay for your great support during the quite demanding project, starting from the design through to the modularity of the programming till the challenges of the Go Live. Working with you guys was great. We are looking forward to doing many more projects with you!

Oliver Frommenwiler
Managing Director, Senior Inbound Marketing & Sales Consultant, Storylead


HubSpot - A More Integrated Solution than Salesforce

HubSpot provides more consistent data than Salesforce with a 360-degree view on the customer because it has an all-in-one CRM platform that integrates marketing, sales, and customer service tools into a single system.

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