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A CMS that is incorrectly installed can result in an engine failure shortly after liftoff.

With a comprehensive website strategy, ClickRay will make you feel confident in your website by giving you control over your customer data.

The top priority for marketers is generating leads.

That is why you need a good system in place that will work for YOU.

CMS Editing experience

Easy and Flexible
Content Editing Experience

At ClickRay, we believe your website should be empowering marketing strategies instead of blocking content with inflexible editing tools. Our designers and developers create pixel-perfect and easy-to-manage websites, specifically aimed towards the needs of marketing specialists. While designing websites, we focus on building the content editing experience for your team so the end result empowers them to "do more with less”.
CMS datas

A Powerful System That
Leverages Real Data

While building websites, ClickRay sets-up a growth-driven, data-centric environment that connects CMS with CRM so that you can derive meaningful results from reports on real customer data. This allows you to use the data for creating and expanding personalized digital experiences through intelligent and automatic tools. In the end, you gain control and a comprehensive outlook of your customer data.

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A Lead-Generating Website Designed Specifically for Marketers

In preparation for NEVIS’s brand relaunch, ClickRay developed a lead-generating website that improved the overall website performance and enhanced efficiency for the in-house marketing team.

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