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Revenue Operations powered by scalability, automation, and in-depth reports.




Learn how HubSpot helped Mindgram, a mental health startup, trigger exponential growth by aligning the operations of customer-facing teams on a single platform.


Mindgram is an all-inclusive platform for mental health and well-being, offering a wide spectrum of resources for self-improvement, preventative measures, early intervention, and in-depth psychological assistance. 


Mindgram was recognized by HubSpot, as part of the Client Success Stories, for the holistic Revenue Operations strategy.

Check out the HubSpot case study here.


As a rising startup in the well-being industry, Mindgram’s goal was to maximize business growth. Since implementing HubSpot Marketing, Sales and Service Hub in early 2021, Mindgram quadrupled its website traffic, increased revenue, and elevated customer satisfaction, all while improving internal operations. Mindgram has risen to the top and today, it is one of the most recognizable mental care platforms across Europe.

RevOps statistic increase in website traffic
Increased Website Traffic

Marketing Hub supported Mindgram’s efforts to create unique digital marketing campaigns, resulting in increased website traffic by 4X within just one year. HubSpot’s easy-to-manage drag-and-drop CMS editor enabled Mindgram to efficiently create lead generation campaigns. HubSpot’s marketing automation features also helped Mindgram to optimize their lead nurturing efforts thanks to targeted workflows. 

RevOps statistic increase in revenue
Increased Revenue

Sales Hub helped Mindgram empower their sales process, which in turn enabled the team to continuously exceed their targets each quarter, leading to consistent revenue growth. HubSpot’s single source of truth also supported the customer success team, which gained valuable insights thanks to aligning their processes with the sales team. Due to the increased visibility, the sales and customer success teams have been able to work together toward maximizing sales opportunities. HubSpot’s sales automation features also improved team’s productivity by automating repetitive tasks, such as email follow-ups and reminders. 

RevOps statistic increase in customer satisfcation
Enhanced Customer Satisfaction

Service Hub facilitated customer support processes thanks to the integration of the HubSpot help desk features within the Mindgram platform. The in-depth reporting helped Mindgram gain valuable insight not only about customer behavior but also about customer needs. The customer care team was able to respond quickly and efficiently thanks to a unified interface for managing all customer communication channels, including email and chat.

Strengthened Internal Operations

Operations Hub enabled Mindgram to strengthen organizational processes that serve as the basis for any marketing, sales, and service efforts. The manual, mundane tasks of cleaning up data duplicates and formatting issues was replaced by automated routine workflows. Mindgram also leveraged the ‘Custom Code’ workflow feature to enhance organizational structure and automate specific pricing calculations.


Choosing HubSpot helped Mindgram to manage our operations more efficiently, by connecting different areas of our business in one place. And thanks to our partnership with ClickRay, we were able to maximize HubSpot advanced features while aligning marketing, sales, and service processes together.

Marina Zavelion
Head of Global Marketing, Mindgram


A Guide to a Successful Revenue Operations Strategy

RevOps is a method for scaling your business, which improves communication between marketing, sales, and customer service/success departments based on smooth data flow, in-depth analysis, and modern technology focusing on automation.

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