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A B2B self-service membership portal managed directly in HubSpot.




For Securosys, we built a B2B self-service application that allowed Securosys clients to purchase product subscriptions, download invoices, and manage team members, all in one place.


Securosys SA is a Swiss-based technology company, offering hardware security products and services for data security.

ClickRay Securosys Case Study Custom App

ClickRay build a B2B self-service solution for Securosys clients in a form of an application that leverages HubSpot CMS and CRM together and connects to Securosys's Cloud HSM to create self-service solutions via HubSpot’s Membership Area. Furthermore, the self-service solution offers the possibility to process invoices and billing, share documents, manage team members, and enable payments, all of which are controlled directly through HubSpot - all in all enabling an all-encompassing 360-degree customer insight in one place. Given that the self-service portal is an integrated part of a website, our client is able to control the member access from within HubSpot CRM as well as gather and analyze user data, in the same way as on website pages (e.g., traffic, usage, engagement). 

Security is a priority and therefore the portal members are able to manage their accounts and access the client portal via a dedicated functionality we built on HubSpot. This functionality is connected to Securosys's Cloud HSM, which is a security hardware solution that allows users to generate encryption keys, use them, and store them securely without having to worry about time-consuming things like evaluation, setup, maintenance, and updating their own HSM.

ClickRay Securosys Case Study Custom App
  • Support and maintain minimum code throughout the application.

  • Create a Member Profile area, where visitors will be able to sign-up with their contact details and access the Membership Area through their unique profile.

  • Build a Webshop that will accommodate e-commerce functionality, listing products and services within multiple options for personalization (add-ons).
ClickRay Securosys Case Study Custom App
  • While ClickRay utilized already existing code, there were some areas where we were required to write custom code, which had been maintained.

  • For the Member Profile, we built registration and log-in functions, among others. Access to the Membership Area entails a two-factor authentication process, using an email and a sms text. Members are able to modify their registration information as well as view their past purchases. To avoid spam users, the Member Profile features a security system that validates the credit card information when the user signs up.

  • For the Webshop, we built an e-commerce functionality where members are able to add the items to the cart and proceed to payment. The payment system was integrated with a third-party platform, which stores the customer's credit card information. In the end, the system does not require to enter the same credit card information upon the renewal - allowing a seamless buying experience for the user. An option to download invoices was also added.


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