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A faster website and a smoother content-editing experience.


Nevis Security


As Nevis was preparing for a new product launch, they were looking to improve the website performance and the content-editing experience at once, which resulted in faster page speed and enhanced efficiency for content editors.


Founded in early 2020, Nevis Security AG is an emerging spin-off company of AdNovum Informatik AG. It develops and markets a security solution, called Nevis Identity Suite, offering an all-encompassing identity and access management system.

ClickRay Nevis Case Study Website Design & Development

In order to tackle the goals of improved website performance and better content editing experience, we drove our focus on technical solutions. Therefore, we built a new Theme-based editing system in order to improve the efficiency of the in-house marketing team when creating new content as well as optimized code for the website to perform better and run smoothly on mobile.

ClickRay Nevis Case Study Website Design & Development
  • Build a new Theme application with the premise of code separation to the module area only.

  • Implement flexible, rich in editing and management, options for modules.

  • Develop technical solutions for improving website performance results in Google Page Speed measurements.

  • Focus on mobile-first execution with attention to code optimization for mobile devices.
ClickRay Nevis Case Study Website Design & Development
  • Improved performance of the website: The code required to function correctly is only loaded when the module is used on the page. This also applies to the loading of external libraries that the module uses. They are not loaded as global styles.

  • Offering the possibility of creating new layouts easily: Preparation of modules in which the client can adapt the size, positioning, and layout to its own needs. Modules are not limited by a single design vision.

  • Improved website performance: The solutions used to optimize the code, including image lazy loading, code compilation, and limiting global scripts translate into an exceptionally good performance.

  • Code optimization and content loading with users using mobile devices in mind: The result shows that even using 3G internet, browsing can be exceptionally smooth.
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Developing a complex custom website in HubSpot CMS is not easy, but working with ClickRay was a pain-free process. They knew exactly what had to be done in order to create a state-of-the-art website, which helps us achieve our lead generation goals. We couldn't be happier!

Sebastian Ulbert
Chief Marketing Officer, Coresystems


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