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A lead-generating website designed specifically for marketers.


Nevis Security


In preparation for Nevis's brand relaunch, ClickRay developed a lead-generating website that improved the overall website performance and enhanced efficiency for the in-house marketing team.


Founded in early 2020, Nevis Security AG is an emerging spin-off company of AdNovum Informatik AG. It develops and markets a security solution, called Nevis Identity Suite, offering an all-encompassing identity and access management system.

ClickRay Luke Nevis case study website development

As Nevis was preparing for a brand relaunch, they were looking to develop a new website with improved performance.

ClickRay formulated and executed a HubSpot Content Management System (CMS) implementation strategy that seamlessly integrated and synced all of the data in one place to ensure the efficiency of internal operations and accommodate lead-generating marketing campaigns.

ClickRay Luke Nevis case study website development
  • Relaunch the new website with HubSpot CMS properties to pixel perfection.

  • Enhance efficiency and create leverage for Nevis's marketing team.

  • Create a lead-generating website with the highest conversion rate.

  • Improve overall website performance and increase SEO.
ClickRay Luke Nevis case study website development
  • Developed a tailor-made customization system based on the new HubSpot CMS technology, Themes. The customization tool was designed specifically for personalizing websites with the look they wanted and the functionality they needed, based on the previously delivered layouts from a design agency.

  • Collaborated with a design agency that was in charge of creating website layouts, which then ClickRay divided into modules that would allow for the pages to be maintained more efficiently. In order to allow for an easy-to-use system, we downsized the number of modules in the back end by engaging certain functionalities together so they could be applied in multiple places.

  • Prepared and delivered post-project documentation, titled “User Adoption and Education Plan”. This documentation described and showed the features of each module and where they can be implemented in order for our clients to become self-sufficient in the management of their content on the website.
  • Utilized HubSpot’s novel feature, called Adaptive Testing, to create a lead-generating website. Using artificial intelligence, Adaptive Testing automatically analyzes and optimizes the variations of website assets to deliver results that improve conversion rates and attract the most visitors.
ClickRay HubSpot Partner testimonials icon

Developing a complex custom website in HubSpot CMS is not easy, but working with ClickRay was a pain-free process. They knew exactly what had to be done in order to create a state-of-the-art website, which helps us achieve our lead generation goals. We couldn't be happier!

Sebastian Ulbert
Chief Marketing Officer, Coresystems


HubSpot's CMS and CRM: Why use both?

HubSpot is not just a website development or marketing software. It is so much more than that- it is the epitome of digital experiences. By combining the different hubs HubSpot offers and through developing additional functionalities in the serverless function, you will be able to use HubSpot to its fullest potential.

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