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A theme-based website that raises SEO standards and website performance.


CyOne Security


For CyOne, we migrated their Template-based website into HubSpot's newest technology, "Themes", while at the same time improving SEO and website performance.


CyOne Security is a cybersecurity company with a mission to make Switzerland the safest country in cyberspace by supplying security concepts and solutions for authorities and IoT security.

ClickRay CyOne Case Study Website Design & Development

With the goal to raise SEO standards and improve website performance, ClickRay and CyOne took important steps to migrate existing sites, which were based on older Template technology, to the new HubSpot Theme-based technology. The main objective was to create a common source, the Theme, with drag-and-drop modules, enabling flexible content creation that goes beyond the limited possibilities of templates. 

An important point in the work was the fact that the Client had around 400 landing pages, websites, and blogs already in existence. For this reason, not only the programming work but also the process of updating the client's existing pages was important in our work with the client.

  • Raise SEO standards and optimize code for parameters that measure website performance, including Lighthouse and Google Page Speed.

  • Rebuild modules for drag-and-drop technology.

  • Standardize fields and seek the best possible solutions for Theme-based module management.

  • Restrict global styles and scripts in favor of closed code within the scope of the module.

  • Reduce third-party scripts and the necessary libraries and scripts are loaded when the module is used.

  • Compress JQuery and the necessary CSS files to reduce the size of the scripts.

  • Implement “Lazy Load” images as a solution to improve content loading speed.
  • Development-level solutions were introduced to optimize the performance of application code and improve page-loading speed results based on modules. Faster loading of scripts and page resources allows a score of up to 96 in performance tests.

  • The modules have been rebuilt for drag-and-drop technology, each module being fully independent. The modules, therefore, can be placed anywhere on the page, regardless of the template used and the type of page on which it is used.

  • A clever layout of the content within the module, based on a common content grouping approach. This makes the module easy to manage and transparent. Reducing the number of modules through further selection and management options within the module, allowing more layouts to be generated.

  • The module code has been separated into independent parts. Thus, only the content necessary for the respective module is loaded on the website. By eliminating global styles and scripts, the size of your pages is reduced, which translates into better results in application performance tests.

  • External scripts and libraries used on the website are only loaded if a module is used for which such resources are required for correct operation. This avoids loading the application with resources that may not be used on the pages.

  • Use of lazy load for graphics loading on pages. This improves page load speed and LCP and TID in SEO optimization.
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We've now had the pleasure to work with ClickRay for over 3 years - and there is no end in sight for this partnership. Szymon and his team have been an outstanding partner for all our technical HubSpot needs. All team members are highly professional and outstanding quality of work is their daily bread! Obviously and happily, we strongly recommend ClickRay to any company looking for a strong Technical Inbound HubSpot Partner.

Daniel Kralj
Marketing Manager, CyOne Security


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