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A tailored onboarding plan at your terms combining hands-on implementation, consulting, and access to HubSpot tech and inbound experts.

ClickRay's Onboarding can help you take control of your HubSpot account.

Our personalized training services, supplemented by technical support, creates the Ultimate HubSpot onboarding experience.

Onboarding Technical

Going Beyond Consulting with Technical Support

Our onboarding services are tailored to your specific requirements regarding HubSpot software and your team's exact needs. As opposed to onboarding delivered by HubSpot, which is only limited to consulting, we supplement our consulting onboarding services with hands-on implementation where our HubSpot tech and inbound experts provided all the necessary services to get your HubSpot working for your business.

Ultimate HubSpot onboarding

The Ultimate HubSpot Onboarding

Onboarding entails the full HubSpot experience (think: the tech and the theory). It best suits those who are running short of time and want to get started quickly without getting into the ​​nitty-gritty of doing everything by themselves. In the end, you get the customization of HubSpot for your business. Ultimately, the onboarding is constructed to save you time and money while eliminating the additional workload on your end.

What's the difference?


  HubSpot logo clickray_logo
Kick off meeting 10 days 7 days
Meeting schedule every 2 weeks every week
Onboarding type Only Guidance
Guidance + Hands-on
Custom integrations
Custom website, blog, and email templates
Data migration
(between 1 and 5)
Tech set-up
(between 1 and 5)
Third-party API integrations
(between 1 and 5)


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