Refund Policy

Hi, we are ClickRay. And welcome to ClickRay’s Refund Policy Rules. These rules outline what you can expect both from us and the products you purchase via the HubSpot Marketplace. These rules are here to provide you with a transparent approach to our refund giving.

As the creator and owner of the items available to purchase on the HubSpot Marketplace, we have a responsibility to you for the items that you purchase from us via the HubSpot Marketplace. These rules are based on the consumer laws that we think best apply to transactions that happen on the HubSpot Marketplace, so you, as the buyer, know what to expect in case you request a refund.

Since we are offering non-tangible, irrevocable, digital goods, we issue refunds only on a case-by-case basis. A refund has to be processed within 30 days from the moment of purchase. First, our sales and support teams will try to solve any concerns that the Client might have, and only if they will not be able to do so, ClickRay will provide the Client with a refund.

The following is a list of situations, in which ClickRay is able to provide a refund for a purchased product and related services

      1. The product is not as described.
      2. The product does not work the way it should.
      3. The product has a security vulnerability.
      4. The product’s support was promised but not provided.


Why may a refund not be given?

If the item matches the description and the preview, as well as functions the way it is supposed to, there is generally no obligation to provide a refund in situations like the following:

      1. The Client no longer wants the product after the download.
      2. The product did not meet the Client’s expectations.
      3. The Client simply changed their mind.
      4. The Client purchased the product by mistake.
      5. The Client purchased the product using the wrong HubSpot portal.
      6. The Client does not have sufficient expertise to use the product.
      7. The Client asks for goodwill.


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