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Luke Hughes


Custom e-Commerce Functionality.

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Luke Hughes

ClickRay built a dynamic and multilevel database-driven system to provide an interactive product customization tool for Luke Hughes’s customers.


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Luke Hughes is a UK-based custom furniture design company with offices spread across the globe. Founded in 1981, the firm creates high-end decorative designs for notable buildings in places of learning, worship, culture, business, and leisure.


The 2020 global pandemic resulted in an immediate shift in consumer buying behavior to online shopping. Luke Hughes set out to quickly adapt to the new consumer demands by implementing a dynamic e-Commerce functionality to their pre-existing HubSpot website.

To achieve this, ClickRay used HubDB to build multilevel dynamic pages that would allow customers for online, pre-purchase customization of the products, while continuing to provide our Client with the 360o customer overview. Ultimately, the project resulted in a website that mirrors the three core aspects of Luke Hughes’s creations: timeless design, flexibility, and versatility.

Luke Hughes homepage screenshot
Luke Hughes online shop page screenshot

Project goals
  • Establish e-Commerce functionality for a seamless online shopping experience.
  • Develop a solution that will allow for customers to customize the products.
  • Continue to manage sales and client relationships through HubSpot CRM.
Project results
  • Implemented and organized HubDB, including layered ‘Child Tables’, to build dynamic and multilevel product listing and single product pages with filtering functions, which overall strengthened website organization and boosted customers’ product finding ability as well as allowing for easy editing of the data in the back-end.
  • Built and connected the HubSpot-native database (HubDB) to HubSpot CRM in order for the client to benefit from an easy-to-manage system with all the data remaining in one place.
  • Designed an interactive customization tool specially tailored for the product specifications listed by the client. The customization tool allows for the customers to see instantaneous, pre-purchases changes to the product on the page level.

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